I’m here to make your wedding cake look great


Who are we?

Bloomsbury Cakes varies in team size depending on the season, at the core you will find me, Marise. I have been dedicated exclusively to wedding cake making for the past ten years. My experience has led me to create some weird and wonderful wedding cakes, but always with an eye to beauty and luxury. This means that we bake with only the best ingredients in a traditional way (No cake mixes here!). When it comes to the decoration we are equally dedicated to producing the highest standards and the best quality..

What can we do for you? In short, we can create a wedding cake for you that meets the brief. We don't do certain types of comedy cakes but, by and large, whatever you dream of, as long as it is practical,we will help you to realize it and ensure it tastes great.


"A party without cake is really just a meeting".